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Oled телевизоры philips


Philips OLED series

September 1, 2016

OLED, Ambilight and Philips PQ technology combine to set a new reference: the world’s only OLED 4K TV with Ambilight!

Berlin, Germany – With the launch of the company’s first OLED TV - the 55” 901F television – TP Vision will create a new reference standard for TV picture performance with a set that also offers an exceptional sound system and the best of European design.

  • OLED Panel with wide color gamut

  • Perfect Pixel Ultra HD Engine

  • HDR Perfect performance

  • Three sided Ambilight uniquely enhances OLED

  • Quad Core powered by Android™

  • Integrated 6.1 Sound system

  • High-end European Design with real materials

Outstanding OLED performance
The inherent properties of OLED make the technology the perfect partner for the sophisticated and powerful Perfect Pixel Ultra HD engine, by delivering far superior black level, contrast, color and motion reproduction than the most powerful edge-lit LED/LCD set.

OLED TVs remove the problem of having an ‘always-on’ backlight by featuring light emitting pixels with have the unique ability of being able to completely switch off. ноутбук клавиатура запаяна The result is black levels reproduced to the deepest, darkest inky levels, while even delicate shades become distinct and visible thanks to a huge contrast ratio.

Producing pure black levels also allows OLED sets to offer a more accurate and vibrant color palete to be produced with the 901F enjoying an incredibly wide color gamut (99% DCI-P3 WCG).

OLED TV also enjoys a hugely improved viewing angle over edge lit LCD TVs, delivering incredibly consistent brightness, color and contrast, wherever the viewer is seated.

Motion reproduction is exceptional too. стал потрескивать ноутбук Typically OLED TVs are more than 100 times faster than traditional LED based TVs, giving super-fast response times to ensure images stay razor sharp, whether watching sport or action movies.

The perfect partnership

The combination of OLED technology with Philips Perfect Pixel Ultra HD Engine brings new levels of picture performance quality to the TV market – hitting an incredible picture performance index of 3800 PPI.

The Perfect Pixel Ultra HD engine has an incredible processing power of 4 billion pixels which allows the system to continually monitor and adjust each individual pixel for sharpness and brightness, creating finer lines and deeper detail. встроенный телевизор дизайн The processing engine also includes an Ultra Resolution feature that will upscale and convert any source into a sharper, more refined, Ultra HD image.

Contrast is improved thanks to the inclusion of the Perfect Contrast system with Local Contrast processing which work in partnership with Philips’ Micro Dimming Perfect technology to ensure the image contrast is optimized.

Color reproduction is also exceptional thanks to the wide color gamut of the OLED panel and Philips’ Perfect Color system that includes a 17-bit color booster and intelligent color processing. i5 6350hq ноутбук The result is the accurate reproduction of more than 2 250 trillion brilliantly vibrant colors, including the display of ultra-realistic skin tones and crisper, cleaner whites.

Motion sharpness also sets new standards thanks to the inherent speed of the OLED panel and the incredible 4 billion pixel processing power of Philips’ Perfect Natural motion technology which accurately interpolates and inserts additional image frames, ensuring that even the fastest moving Ultra HD images are reproduced as fluid motion while maintain exceptional sharpness.

HDR Performance
The combination of the 901F ‘s 540Nit peak-light performance, wide colour gamut panel and the Perfect Pixel Ultra HD engine allows the OLED set to be the company’s first model to reach Philips’ HDR Perfect standard.

The ultra-slim bezel of the OLED TV allows a near seamless connection to the three-sided Ambilight technology, further enhancing the TV’s exceptional colour vibrancy and huge contrast ratio to create an immersive viewing experience previously unavailable to OLED sets.

Reference Sound Quality
The 901F’s outstanding specification also extends to the set’s 6.1 high-end 30W sound system. ноутбук длительного времени The system features six front firing drivers - mounted in a separate, slim-line, aluminum, integrated sound bar - to bring exceptional detail and clarity to all mid and high notes while a backfiring Triple Ring speaker - with an integrated bass port - ensures the deepest, tightest bass performance.

High-end European Design
The Philips 2016 OLED TV has also been designed to reflect both of the company’s design pillars: ‘Visible Lightness’ and European Craftsmanship.
‘Visible Lightness’ gives a clear indication of the cutting edge technology within the set and is exemplified by the extremely tight fit and dimensions of the OLED panel, with its super thin narrow bezel. выбор подставки ноутбука While the slim chrome curved edge stand allows the set to perch on a table top, giving the impression that the set is floating.
The refined proportions and use of beautiful materials and finishing underpin the promise of European Craftsmanship: making the 901F a television that looks as good as it performs

Harnessing the power of Android
The 901F is powered by the Android™ Smart TV system and is certified by Google, giving access to all TV orientated apps, services, and content in the Google Play Store while also complementing the existing Philips Smart TV offering. водонагреватель eldom 72267d Effortless operation and fast navigation is possible thanks to powerful Quad Core processing and an advanced remote control with QWERTY keyboard, swipe pad and speech recognition technology.

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About TP Vision:

TP Vision is a dedicated TV player in the world of visual digital entertainment. boot ini ноутбука TP Vision concentrates on developing, manufacturing and marketing Philips branded TV sets in Europe, Russia, Middle East, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and selected countries in Asia-Pacific. hyundai телевизоры официальный We do this by combining our design expertise and innovative Philips TV heritage with the operational excellence, flexibility and speed of TPV Technology. With these combined strengths, we bring high-quality TV sets to the market: smart and easy to use with sophisticated styling. We believe in creating products that offer a superior TV experience for consumers. With Philips TVs, TP Vision is a global leader in the hospitality market. выбор телевизора lsd TP Vision is the exclusive brand licensee of Philips TVs for the above listed countries. The TV Company is 100% owned by TPV, the world’s leading monitor and LCD TV manufacturer, selling and marketing Philips branded TVs in China. The TPV Group has been able to drive its growth over the years by leveraging its economies of scale and core competencies in R&D, manufacturing, logistic efficiency and quality. TP Vision employs close to 2,000 people in several locations around the globe.

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